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Introducing the new Journal

London, United Kingdom
15 March 2023

Dear Professors and Researchers,

Thanks to the collaboration of Professors from the best university circles in the field of academic research intent on boosting the research and study of trade, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of Global Trade, Ethics and Law; a new journal that aims to publish trade-focused scientific articles.

The Editorial Committee sees among the members Professors Andrea Miglionico, Piero Esposito, Moonsung Kang, Zuzanna Studnicka, Filippo Sbrana, Chahir Zaki, Mark Melatos, and Konstantia Koutouki, with the aim of creating an environment where economists, jurists, political scientists and historians can address the issue of commerce together to get to know it, deepen it and elevate it both in their environments of origin, and towards those theoretical knowledge that has so far been little addressed, such as the issue of ethical trade. The literature still today presents unresolved gaps not only on what are the characteristics that make up commercial ethics, but also on what its fundamental meaning is. Still today literature is not able to give answers to these unknowns, thus opening up a vacuum of knowledge on what has been the past and present role of global trade towards individuals and communities, especially in the contemporary age where entire nations have had to witness the explosion and implosion of new trade routes that have overturned those past theories of trade, for a long time the basis of world stability, as well as having to deal with increasingly demanding societies of laws, rights, ethical behaviors that increasingly they pervade every aspect of society, from the smallest to the largest.

In consideration of this, in consideration of the need to deepen the theme of commerce and create new academic horizons for its study, this independent journal aims to give way to a new knowledge that gives impetus to a more lively and profound knowledge of the components that make up the business.

To all Commerce scholars and researchers in the areas of Economics, Politics, Law and History, the Journal of Global Trade, Ethics and Law encourages manuscript submissions for publication in the April Volume!

Wishing the journal a thriving and prosperous future, I hereby thank all those who, with their manuscripts, will make research a better place with us.


Frans Lavdari